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What they say about Lehner's books

Absent a Miracle
A surprising, funny novel about saintly sinners, sinning saints, and the storms of love surrounding them.
--Cathleen Schine
It's pure, unadulterated adulterous entertainment...Lehner is a talented humorist.
--New York Times, August 23, 2009
What to Wear to See the Pope
Perhaps the most haunting, idiosyncratic, gleefully subversive, and satisfying story collection Iíve read since Isak Dinesenís Seven Gothic Tales.
--Richard Russo
One becomes quickly addicted to what Christine Lehner writes. Expecting sticks in my memory, it invades my dreams, it reshaped my consciousness... her originality in using the metaphor of expecting for so much of young life, the outer detail graphic and realistic, the Ďrealí, inner world described in spare, elegant prose, events which are at once hazy and dreamlike, humorous, sharp and absurd.
--Doris Grumbach

Christine Lehner's blog: Sort, Quench & Dump. It's idiosyncratic, amusing and surprisingly informative.

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